Sonic exploration network Southern Africa

Aragorn Eloff

Aragorn23 grew up in Johannesburg and started composing electronic music in the mid-1990s.

While he initially focused on relatively conventional compositional techniques and genres, he is currently interested in more generative and algorithmic processes. Most current work is developed and performed primarily on a modular synthesiser, with a focus on incorporating gesture and movement so that composing becomes a process that is dynamically negotiated between analogue circuitry, motion sensors and human movement. Other work, using the programming language SuperCollider, explores the sonification of non-musical datasets like genomic sequences, climate models, real-time environmental data, the stock market and personal activity logs.

Aragorn23 releases music under his own name and as Asqus. He was one of the organisers of the Edge of Wrong, a collaborative project between South Africa and Norway that provided a platform for experimental musicians across borders through annual festivals and numerous other events from 2006-2018.