Sonic exploration network Southern Africa


“There’s a definite degree of irony in the underlying concept of DC, but certainly not at the expense of the earnestness of their improvisational methods. The two letters are the initials of the surnames of Andrea Dicò and Francesco Carbone, respectively the duo’s percussive and stringed troublemakers. .

Basically, we’re standing halfway through a “domestic” kind of industrial and a commonplace-free mesmerism. Dicò and Carbone alternate loops of various extraction with more concrete textural hues, characterized by fractured rhythms and creative exploitation of items such as toys, vibrators, radios, carillons, random voices are here assembled and carefully stitched together to create a sprawling sonic experience. It gets quite harsh at times, with distorted noises and an eerie trumpet that floats on top of a musical maze that rubs shoulders with free jazz and post-rock. Intriguing, compelling and at times overwhelming it is a challenge for listeners with a short attention span.”

DC released two exhausting long-playing albums with Setola di Maiale, one of the most renowned labels for avantgarde independent music in Italy.