Sonic exploration network Southern Africa

Drone Day 2021

SENSA is proud to be taking part in Drone Day 2021. To listen to our contribution, representing a broad range of Southern African artists, click play on the stream below, or listen on Bandcamp.

What is Drone Day?
Drone Day is an annual global celebration of drone music, experimental sounds and community. Created by Marie Claire LeBlanc Flanagan and Weird Canada, Drone Day brings drone artists together for one day every year to make a noise that stretches around the world. This year’s Drone Day happens on Saturday the 29th of May.

What is a drone?
Musical drones are sustained sounds, notes, or tone clusters. Drones can be made electronically with computers or synthesisers and acoustically with instruments like the tanpura, hardanger fiddle, sho, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipes and the human voice.

For more information about Drone Day, including a growing list of Drone Day celebrations, visit


Aragorn23 toin meán oíche (view artist)

Chantelle Gray Relations of Movement and Rest (view artist)

Daniel W J Mackenzie Ternary (Version) (view artist)

DC MONO​-​036 (view artist)

FreeMan LotS We Are Water (view artist)

Gwaing cgh1 (view artist)

hashtag_blacknoise Mirai (view artist)

LP Hovercraft The Shape of Thoughts (view artist)

Mntana WeXhwele Embo eThongweni (view artist)

Nonentia feat. Wolfriver Amniotic

Righard Kapp I Am Not Lonely With Crickets (view artist)

Ski Crime slowschreeds (view artist)

Sold Ash & Mudd Anomalous

Thylasine feat. Fleurmach Mercy (view artist)

victoria s. lwebangila pacha / maano reprise (view artist)

Vulane Mthembu Then This One (view artist)

Without Eyes In C

Wombed Regarding the Unexpected

Zayaan Khan BlueberryGooseRosemaryChilliStrawbNaartjieTomato (view artist)