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Born 20.04.79 – Address Formerveien 1a, Oslo, Norway – Contact +47 98025571 /

«Risk music» An improvising and exploratory musician. Experimental music with a strong focus on sonic extremities such heard in harsh noise music. With a background as a guitarist and later on a jazz academic, a liberating leap into the unfathomable noise music served as a welcoming outlet for a much more direct and raw artistic and personal contribution. From time to time in collaboration with other art forms, constantly composing, touring and producing music.

Working out of the HOTBOXbasement in Oslo, a venue and working space for unstable artistic expression, the attraction of a younger generation urging to explore is evident. Illegal raves and experimental concert series, an ad hoc workshop for developing art works and an unpretentious place to hang out etc etc..

Morten is also an organizer of events in the diy/noise related music scenes: The Norwegian – South African Edge of Wrong festival, several concert series BRISTEPUNKTET and SØRFORKOMFORT, Oppsal Gatefest, Multiversal and many more.