Sonic exploration network Southern Africa

Victoria S. Lwebangila

Born in Kiev, grown in Dar es Salaam, based in Cape Town, and native to nowhere in particular. A holder of MMus in Music Technology.

As a timid explorer of the meandering path and things that don’t make sense, I’m attracted by things that go boom in the night and constantly engaged in blowing bubbles of sound that occasionally hurt people’s heads. My skill-set includes video and sound art, drawing on my experience as a photographer and dancer. I also enjoy cross-media art and questioning reality – we deserve answers! I’m slightly allergic to citrus.

My piece for Drone Day is called ‘pacha / maano reprise’ because it is a reworking of the soundtrack of my first short film of the same name; ‘pacha’ means twins in swahili, and ‘maano’ means abomination in Haya, my tribe’s language. The short film was an exploration of my tribe’s historical perception and treatment of twins as omens and aberrations.

The full short film can be viewed on